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Events in July 2019

  • 2019-07-16T00:00:00-07:00
  • 2019-07-18T23:59:59-07:00
Tu 16. Jul.

Jul 16, 2019 to Jul 18, 2019
UC Davis

Join us this summer to explore “Worlds of Exchange,” a summer seminar for teachers and other educators who work with grades 6, 7, and 10. Participants will consider how those in the past exchanged GOODS, IDEAS, and TECHNOLOGIES. Using the History Social-Science Framework as our anchor, the seminar will consider primary and secondary sources across time and space.

  • 2019-07-22T00:00:00-07:00
  • 2019-07-25T23:59:59-07:00
Mo 22. Jul.

Jul 22, 2019 to Jul 25, 2019
UC Davis

We invite teachers from the K-12 classroom to join us this summer for the Landscapes in history workshop. Teacher participants in this four-day institute will use an environmental lens to explore ways to effectively integrate environmental literacy and primary sources into their history social science curriculum. Using resources from the Library of Congress and the California Education and the Environment Initiative, teacher participants will develop ways for students to investigate connections between natural resources, geography, and climate to societies past and present.