Cultivating Our Ethnic Studies Communities in the Greater Sacramento, San Joaquin, and Yolo Region Part 1 of 3

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Facilitators: Dominique Williams, Maribel Rosendo, Jr Arimboanga

Cultivating Our Ethnic Studies Communities is a FREE Ethnic Studies workshop series for and by regional teachers. Led by experienced Ethnic Studies Teacher Leaders, this series will support teachers in building a collaborative network, engaging in reflection, discussing theory, sharing curricular resources, and developing action plans for next steps. While we welcome teachers who want to integrate Ethnic Studies in courses, with limited space, priority registration will go to new or current secondary Ethnic Studies teachers in the region.

Session 1 - Who are we? (7/8): In this session, participants will become familiar with and begin to build connections with other Ethnic Studies teachers in the region through storytelling. The leaders will guide participants to explore their own educational journeys, intersectional identities, and understand their impact on students and who they are as people and teachers.

Session 2 - What is our work? (7/15): In this session the leaders will lead participants to examine and discuss guiding principles that ground Ethnic Studies and compare these at the local, regional, and state level. Participants will explore and begin to ground their practice in Critical Theory that informs Ethnic Studies. The Teacher Leaders will share curricular examples from their own classrooms and lead a resource exchange among participants.

Session 3 - Where are we going? (7/22): In our last session of this series, the leaders will guide participants in activities to dream, commit to, and begin planning their personal, professional, and community action plan to cultivate a stronger Ethnic Studies community. We will exchange local resources to assist participants in enacting these plans. Finally, participants will complete a survey to help guide our next steps in supporting our regional Ethnic Studies Community.

All sessions are free and will be hosted from 4 to 6pm. We strongly encourage participants to attend ALL three sessions.

Registration is Closed. We've reached capacity.